What is Insurance Intelligence?

At ITC we approach and apply our insurance intelligent protocol with every client and every policy.  From carrier comparison, policy review, price shop and list goes on.  It is our duty to make sure that our clients are getting the most and best coverage per their insurance dollar.  Our job is to make certain that our clients are not under insured and at the same time not over paying for quality insurance coverage.  To simply put, at ITC applying Insurance Intelligence is what we do BEST! 

3 Simple Reasons Why Our Insurance Intelligence Works!

1. Cost: A captive insurance agent is an insurance company's representative. The agent's primary alliance is with the insurance company, not the insurance buyer.  At ITC we loyally represents the clients and will have our clients best interest first, before the insurance carriers. This results to a very competitive pricing and in return allows our clients to have a  significant beneficial amount of money savings.

2. Options: We do the shopping for you.  With access to multiple preferred carriers enable us the ability to search the most suitable product for our clients.  It could be higher coverage, lower premiums however the case maybe as no case is the same.  The clients will be able to have the options to choose from multiple carriers to various types of policy coverage's.  We truly believe it is extremely important that our clients have the options to choose.  

3. SpeedThe direct insurance services often fell back to large call centers whose staff had little or no real insurance knowledge. At ITC we will be more efficient, making suggestions to our clients in highly useful time frame to save them lots of time.  Our agency is equipped with state of the art software's to pull the latest rates from multiple carriers.  We love to help our clients understand the language of insurance and assured that their best interest is fully covered and protected.